Multi-Plastics takes another fast acting roller door from IDE

Group company, Industrial Door Engineering have just completed the supply and installation at Multi-Plastics (Europe) Ltd of Cheshire, United Kingdom of 1 IDE 3(E) Roller Shutter and 1 Speedroller ITW Transrapid to match previous carried out in January.

The Speedroller ITW Transrapid works from a fast acting drive for maximum performance and features built in windlocks that are capable of withstanding a windload of up to 115km/h (over 70mph). For Multi-Plastics they required the addition of an induction loop, as well as all the other standard safety features, such as automatic detection of an object below and break beam technology to stop the curtain closing on anyone or vehicle in the doorway.

The contract was won by Antony Faloona, Senior Sales Executive at Industrial Door Engineering.

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