Our truck and trailer door products can be broken into 2 categories.

Products marketed under the Diamond Roll-Up Door name include traditional dry freight wood doors in both flush mount and recessed hardware configurations. We also manufacture proprietary roll-up doors including the Diamond Evolution, Diamond Lite and Diamond Master using a variety of panel materials including composites and aluminum. Door products are sold to truck body builders and trailer manufacturers. Roll-up doors have significant operational benefits to hinged doors. We also provide a comprehensive range of roll-up door parts to distributors and end users throughout the US covering our own products as well as those of our competitors.

Our range of aluminum roll-up doors (or roller shutters) is marketed under the Dover Roller Shutters name. The Dover Nyloy 30 door was the world wide original aluminum roll-up door designed specifically for fire engines in England, UK and exported widely throughout the world and extensively in the US. Dover Roller Shutters are now manufactured in the US with a wide range of options to allow us to design products to suit customer specific requirements. Options include slat profiles, guide tracks, locks, weather seals, installation configurations, finishes and alike. There are wide range of applications for payload, equipment and tool compartments. Products are sold to truck body builders and trailer manufacturers.

Our Truck Body & Trailer Doors are available from: