Diamond Roll-up Door Inc

Diamond Roll Up Door, Inc. finished up their exhibiting at the International Door Association (IDA) Expo in Atlanta, Georgia last week. Diamond showed their vehicle roll up doors to the dealer members and associates that work on most any door that that has a spring, mainly garage doors and rolling architectural door. Diamond’s message to the dealers was that they can expand their businesses by doing repairs on trucks/vehicles that have roll up doors. The roll up doors on semi-trailers and box trucks are virtually the same as a residential garage door. There are also a growing number of aluminum shutter doors on vehicles (Fire and Emergency Vehicles and Construction Vehicles) which also need repairs and maintenance.
Diamond displayed at the IDA Expo two years ago and had a great response from the dealers. The dealers were able to get doors and part quickly from Diamond. The teaming up of Diamond and specific dealers has been a benefit to both. The dealers can get the parts easily and quickly, and Diamond can use the dealers if an enquiry is made in a specific region of the country.
Diamond was also able to display some of their architectural products, such as counter shutters and larger rolling shutter doors. This too can add to a dealer’s business opportunities.

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