Mirage Doors - an AM Group company

Group company Mirage Doors Qld have successfully manufacture and install steel roller shutters to cover in – ground pits. The pits are typically used by mechanics to service the under carriages of various types of heavy vehicles and machinery. There is a niche application for pit shutters in mining and defence locations, where specialised vehicle equipment must be regularly maintained to exacting standards.

Pit shutters are significantly different to conventional roller shutters. Whilst the roller shutter curtains comprise conventional steel slats, they are fitted with bearing roller pins in lieu of conventional nylon end clips. The curtain operates within continuous circular spiral tracks. Rather than using a drum, a motor operates a central drive arm fitted with an axle and sprocket. When fully opened the curtain is in a spiral shape encased within a steel frame cage which is fully concealed within the pit. The end result allows the pit area to be fully secured, and is able to be walked on.

The pit shutters were part of a 61 shutter package recently completed on a defence project in Southern Qld. All products were manufactured at Mirage Doors’ Qld. manufacturing plant at Carole Park. Having the ability to manufacture and install pit shutters will strengthen our ability to win future Defence projects Australia – wide.

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