The AM Group via a new entity Airport Doors (Aust) Pty Ltd ATF the Airport Doors Trust on 30 August 2016 acquired various “assets” from the Liquidator of the Airport Doors business in Melton Vic.

Please note that the “business” has not been acquired as such.  We have simply acquired assets.

The assets acquired are:

  1. Intellectual Property of the Airport Doors business including the name, web site, domain name, phone numbers and PO Boxes for Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, engineering test reports, software programs, engineering designs etc.
  2. Machinery including roll formers, saws and presses etc.

The Airport Doors brand has been in the market since  1966 and is a manufacturer, supplier and installer of commercial and industrial door products.  Airport Doors has strong brand recognition in the construction market.

The Directors of the AM Group see great strategic benefits with the acquisition of Airport Doors.  Airport Doors offers access to distribution channels and markets that have not been traditional areas of business for the Austral Monsoon, Ansa Doors and Mirage Doors businesses.  Airport  Doors provides a range of new products for the AM Group.

The Airport Doors name has been well regarded in the industry over a long period of time and we will do what it takes to maintain its presence throughout Australia.

Airport Doors



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