August of 2014, Dover Roller Shutters was asked to engineer doors for the Marion General Hospital emergency room.  These doors were designed for safety rooms in their emergency department.  These rolling shutters are used to prevent patients from tampering with the equipment or possibly injuring themselves while in the emergency room waiting to see a doctor.  In the past, if any of the hospital staff felt that a patient was at risk, they removed the equipment from the room before the patient could be left alone.  Once the patent was seen and released the rooms would have to be set back up for the next patient.  Dover Roller Shutters completed four rooms for Marion General. The shutters doors are our Model 3EA powder coated beige, tubular motor operated, key switch activated, and are fully enclosed once in the open position.

In 2015, Marion General was acquired by The OhioHealth care system.  The system consists of 72 facilities throughout a 40-county area in Ohio. Once the OhioHealth organization saw how Marion was utilizing the shutter system, they have decided to incorporate the same concept in many of their locations.  Dover Roller Shutters completed 14 rooms at Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, Ohio and are currently looking at two additional facilities.

IMG_0096 IMG_0097Dover Roller Shutters

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