Group company Lietzke Doors has developed a new adjustable door frame ideal for speedy installation to precast or masonry door openings. The door frame includes sliding capping channels and adjustable jacking screws that wind out, pressing the capping channels tight to the masonry/concrete opening. The jacking screws are then screw fixed with masonry screws to the wall structure fully securing the door frame.

The jacking screws can be wound in or out prior to final fixing to set the door rebate square and true, no matter what the shape of the wall opening is. The wall openings can vary in opening size by 20mm or more and when installed the frame will leave no gaps to the masonry and not affect the door leaf size, making them ideal for use with standard size door leaves. The holes to access the jacking screws are hidden in the door rebate and capped with plastic caps. The location of these points are therefore not only hidden from sight but also tamper proof.

This ingenious door frame not only makes fitting door frames to irregular openings easy, but also the speed of install makes them overall very cost effective.

Frames are available powder coated, prime painted or raw and come complete with jacking feet, masonry anchor screws and frame hole plugs.

Lietzke Fast Fix Frame - Lock Lietzke Fast Fix Frame


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