Due to policy changes regarding the observation of patients at the Margaret Tobin Centre in Adelaide’s South the building’s existing door leaves were deemed unsuitable.

Group company Lietzke Australia, having a wealth of experience in manufacturing and designing high security doors, was called upon to develop a door suitable for the new observation requirements of patients in a Seclusion Room setup.

The door leaves, which are over 1200mm wide had to include an uninterrupted, large viewing area, integrated pass through hatch, be flush with the walls so as meet anti-harm requirements on the patient side, be light and easy to operate for the staff, all whilst maintaining a high security level.

The final door leaf design incorporates the following:

  • Steel sub-frames to support all features on the door
  • A composite ply and balsa blockboard core filler
  • F17 stress grade Hoop Pine ply lockblocks
  • Welded steel hinge support integral into the sub-frame
  • Welded double pan 2mm galvanised steel cladding
  • 12.7mm Lexan MR10 Marguard glazed vision panel with 2mm pressed stainless steel glazing bea

The door leaves were installed to existing door frames which were modified with additional lock strike strengthening plates.

Lietzke Seclusion Room Door leaf

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