Group company; Dover Vanguard Roller Shutters of Oldham, United Kingdom came face to face with a blast from the past at the recent Emergency Service Show in the form of a Carmichaels Vehicle from 1990 that is still in use by the end user CleeveLink.

The vehicle still had the original, 1990 manufactured Dover N30 Roller Shutter (as pictured) fitted to it. Speaking with a representative from CleeveLink they were proud to say that since they had taken the vehicle they had “never had one problem with the shutter, it worked perfectly everytime!” It is a great testament to the quality of the shutter range that a 25 year old roller shutter is still going as strong as they day we made it.

Also at the show was the launch of an upgrade to the N35 Aluminium Vehicle Roller Shutter in the form of profiled guides that can be custom made to the shape of the vehicle. Displayed on the Mercades-Benz main stand, the vehicle was built by PickUp Systems and featured both the new profiled N35s and the original versions, making a total of five shutters from Dover Vanguard on the vehicle.

The past really did meet the present, under one roof, at the largest emergency services show in the United Kingdom, helping to demonstrate the Dover Vanguard Quality to the marketplace.

cobra-3-Carmichael N30-1990-Roller-Shutter N35-Vehicle-Roller-Shutter Profiled-Vehicle-Shutter-Doors Profiled-Vehicle-Shutter-Doors-001

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