Group company Dover Roller Shutters (USA) is supplying the new N35 aluminum roller shutter for the new poly-bodies being used on numerous styles trucks.  The N35 meets all the engineering requirements for roll up doors for new poly-bodies being used on emergency vehicles, tow trucks, utility vehicles, landscape vehicles, etc.  The poly-body provides an alternative material that will not corrode in the street salt environment or from corrosive materials be carried on some vehicles.

Whilst the poly-body provides better corrosion protection, it also presents some design issues for aluminum roller shutters.  With a thicker wall than steel or aluminum bodies, the poly-body requires a deeper guide offset.  Dover has designed a guide track which will accept ½” thick material and has been used on material up to 5/8” thick.  Our newly designed pendant plates are also designed for the thermal expansion and contraction found in the poly-bodies.  The plates prevent pinching the door when it is in the up position making it hard to operate.  The new plates also are designed for extremely low headroom.

Installation of the N35 is extremely easy and requires only three different screws.  In a production environment, doors can be installed in less than 20 minutes.  This provides a huge advantage over poly swing doors which can be difficult due to thermal expansion of both the swing door and the body.

Request for quotes and any other door information can be directed to +419 294 3373.  3D drawings can also be provided to ensure design requirements are met.

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