Record Year for Ansa Doors

Group company Ansa Doors is proud to announce that it has recorded its most successful year for sales for the full 2014/2015 financial period. Sales of our H13 100mm profile industrial roller shutter range has led the way with the ever growing industrial developments in both Victoria and Western Australia. This result truly reflects the industry’s acceptance and satisfaction of Ansa’s product and their ability to deliver and fulfill their varying requirements.

Many of our sales have been from repeat customers that have appreciated Ansa’s prompt service and quality installations. Our ever-growing customer base ranged from small to medium sized construction companies to the larger national businesses including Lend Lease, Australand, Qanstruct and Vaughan Constructions
Ansa Doors offers one of the largest range of product types on the markets and are proud to be able to service our customers’ requirements.  We looks forward to continued growth through excellent customer service.

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NASSAU to start work on Greencore Site, Northampton

Group company, NASSAU Industrial Doors of Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom starts work this month on the Greencore foods sites in Northhampton which will see a total of fifty-one different bespoke door solutions being supplied and installed.

The order, won by Sales Executive Kevin Bourne will see one 3 Phase Electric Roller Shutter, four NASSAU 9000F Sectional Doors, seven 1 Hour Fire Rated Tube Motor Roller Shutters, fifteen 2 Hour Fire Rated Tube Motor Roller Shutters and twenty-four DYNACO High Speed Doors installed on the site throughout August.


A new look for the Cherry Tree thanks to IDE

Group Company, Industrial Door Engineering Ltd of Cheshire, United Kingdom have just completed the manufacturing and installation of fiveTube Motor Roller Shutters, one Commercial Insulated Roller Shutter, one Double Leaf Steel Hinged Door Set and one Single Leaf Steel Hinged Door Set at the old Cherry Tree Public House in Runcorn, UK on behalf of Spencer Wilkinson Construction.

The work saw the entire face of the old building being removed to make way for a new Pizza Restaurant to be installed and required a new design concept to offer the security of the building after hours. Senior Sales Executive Antony Faloona worked alongside Spencer Construction to come up with a ‘Sawtooth’ system of roller shutters to cover the outside windows which were fabricated off site and are a unique feature to the new building work.

The doors were completed on time and on budget and to wide praised remarks from all at Spencer Wilkinson Construction.

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Dover Vanguard secured new contract for Vehicle Roller Shutters

Group company, Dover Vanguard Roller Shutters of Oldham, United Kingdom has just secured a brand new contract with Martin Williams to supply the new range of PHS Work Wear and Hygiene vehicle fleet with the N35 Aluminium Vehicle Roller Shutters.

The new contract will see a total of 40 new vehicles being supplied with the N35s on the first order, with continuation of business for each build phase afterwards over the next 3 years.

Finding the right shutter for the new fleet has taken many years of discussion between Mark Williams and Dover Vanguard to make sure that the system is perfect for the new vehicle contract.

Dover Vanguard continues to export to Spain

Group company, Dover Vanguard Roller Shutters of Oldham, United Kingdom continues to hold its place as one of the market leading manufacturers of Aluminium Vehicle Roller Shutters across Europe with another successful delivery of fifty-four N35 Roller Shutters to Spain.

Since its introduction back in 2013, the N35 has established itself as the premium Vehicle Roller Shutter across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

N35 Roll Up Doors for Poly Bodies

Group company Dover Roller Shutters (USA) is supplying the new N35 aluminum roller shutter for the new poly-bodies being used on numerous styles trucks.  The N35 meets all the engineering requirements for roll up doors for new poly-bodies being used on emergency vehicles, tow trucks, utility vehicles, landscape vehicles, etc.  The poly-body provides an alternative material that will not corrode in the street salt environment or from corrosive materials be carried on some vehicles.

Whilst the poly-body provides better corrosion protection, it also presents some design issues for aluminum roller shutters.  With a thicker wall than steel or aluminum bodies, the poly-body requires a deeper guide offset.  Dover has designed a guide track which will accept ½” thick material and has been used on material up to 5/8” thick.  Our newly designed pendant plates are also designed for the thermal expansion and contraction found in the poly-bodies.  The plates prevent pinching the door when it is in the up position making it hard to operate.  The new plates also are designed for extremely low headroom.

Installation of the N35 is extremely easy and requires only three different screws.  In a production environment, doors can be installed in less than 20 minutes.  This provides a huge advantage over poly swing doors which can be difficult due to thermal expansion of both the swing door and the body.

Request for quotes and any other door information can be directed to +419 294 3373.  3D drawings can also be provided to ensure design requirements are met.

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