Group Company, NASSAU Industrial Doors of Stoke-on-Trent, England has just completed a series of work at Heathrow and Stansted Airport on behalf of Mace Ltd, Carillion PLC and Prater that continue to keep the airports running smoothly.

At Heathrow Airport Rapid Goods Scanning Building, NASSAU supplied and installed seven 9000F Sectional Doors, five Dynaco M2 High Speed Doors complete with traffic lights. The work required a bespoke and complicated electrical operation specification that needed to be designed and installed by NASSAU to a strict deadline of one month whilst the building was refurbished. At the same time work was secured at Heathrow Terminal 3 for the supply and installation of a further five Dynaco M2 High Speed doors.

At Stansted Airport, NASSAU completed the design and installation of all required steelwork to form a gangway and to turn the structure into a door way with a NASSAU 3000 Fire rated Roller Shutter, a NASSAU 6000FD Fire Rated Steel Hinged door and two NASSAU 1000 Roller Shutters.

The work has been overseen by Kevin Bourne, Regional Sales Manager for NASSAU.