Group Company – Industrial Door Engineering has been awarded a new service contract for the Airbus, Broughton site by Inviron, the site facility managers.

This contract is an extension of the existing contract IDE have had at the Airbus site for the last 9 years and now covers the six monthly service of 188 doors of various types and sizes for the period up until April 2014.

IDE’s excellent working relationship with both Airbus and Inviron was the key deciding factor in the awarding of the contract to IDE.

Antony Faloona, IDE’s senior sales and technical representative said ‘Like most Companies in the current economic climate, Airbus were looking for a highly competitive quotation and IDE were one of six Door Companies invited to tender for the service contract. However, the track record that IDE have at Airbus, together with the high standards and qualifications that both IDE and its service engineers hold, were undoubtedly some of the main factors in Airbus and Inviron choosing IDE’.