Cobham Juvenile Justice Centre – Stage 2

AM Group company – Lietzke Doors has recently secured Stage 2 of the Cobham Juvenile Justice Centre in Western Sydney, Australia.

Currently working on Stage 1 with Richard Crookes Constructions, Lietzke Doors will also enter into a second contract on the site with Lahey Constructions for Stage 2.

Stage 2 of the project is a refurbishment of the current facility rather then construction of new buildings that is currently taking place on Stage 1.

Lietzke will supply a range of Steel Door Frames, Steel Windows, Steel Doors and Steel Gates.

New Sunshade Product Line

Group company – Austral Monsoon Building Products (AMBP) has recently completed the supply and installation of 100 sliding sun screens to the new unit development at Woodlands Street, Balgowlah, NSW for the builder Contract Control Pty Ltd.

The project utilises AMBPs new slimline 67mm ellipsoid blade screens on sliding tracks to balconies and windows to enable the owners to adjust the screens to optimise privacy and shading.

The sliding screen system is particular suited to unit developments but has a wide range of commercial and industrial applications for security, privacy and solar protection.



Australia’s Most Famous Beach – “Bondi Beach”

Recently AM Group company – Austral Monsoon carried out the much needed replacement  of the steel roller shutter located on one of the storage units at Sydney’s Bondi Beach.

The original roller shutter (supplied and installed by others) was of steel construction and was not handling the highly corrosive environment.

Austral Monsoon was contacted by local council to provide a door that would best suit the current environment. With many years of experience in the supply of roller shutter products into these situations, Austral Monsoon supplied and installed a double anodised aluminium roller shutter which is much more suited to handle this environment.

NSW Police – Tactical Response Vehicles

Group company – Austral Monsoon Sydney recently completed preventative maintenance  work to the Austral Monsoon 2EA Aluminium Roller Shutters fitted to the NSW Police – Tactical Response Vehicles.

The aluminium roller shutters fitted to the side of these vehicles are  critcal to the function performed by the Tactical Response Unit.

Austral Monsoon is proud to be apart of this important service to the community.

Train Support Facility at Greta – Newcastle

AM Group company – Austral Monsoon Newcastle has successful tendered and negotiated the supply and installation of the roller shutter package for the new train support facility at Greta.

The new facility, currently under construction by Abi- Group, will be the Train Support Facility to service and provision the Pacific National coal freight business which is a major project under the NSW Governments planning and infrastructure program.

Austral Monsoon will provide over (10) steel roller shutters from it’s roller shutter product range.

Pump and Cleaner Expo – Indianapolis, Indiana USA

Diamond Roll Up Door products were clearly on display in the recent Pump and Cleaner Expo in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Our aluminum roll up doors were displayed in vehicles on show by Sewer Equipment Of Amercia which had (4) vehicles in the show. Each vehicle had two or three aluminum roller shutters allowing easy and unobstructed access to their compartments. 

Sewer Equipment of America manufactures America’s most complete line of cleaning equipment and supplies.  Diamond Roll Up Door has worked with them for over three years designing and implementing compartment access systems (roll up doors) that are durable and easy to install. 


Rivers Renews It’s Master Security Licence

Rivers Locking Sytems has recently renewed its Master Security Licence which will expire in 2017. The Master Security Licence is issued by the NSW Police Force. 

Rivers involvement in the security industry in Australia dates back to 1926.  We have been designing, manufacturing and installing heavy duty building perimeter security products for a wide range of customers and applications.  The length of our business history speaks for itself.  We are members of the Australian Security Industry Association.



South Australia Defence Project

Group company Lietzke Doors recently won the contract for the supply of (964) steel door frames for a large defence infrastructure project in South Australia.

These frames are quite complex with numerous side lights and transom combinations. The development and production of the prototype was completed in record time due to the latest Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing Software employed at Lietzke.

Murray Bridge Police Station – South Australia

AM Group company – Lietzke Doors has sucessfuly tendered and negotated the contract to supply the secure windows, door frames and doors for the new Murray Bridge Police Station in South Australia.

The new Murray Bridge Police station will accommodate approximately 76 staff and feature a new design, state of the art cells, complete with a new generation door design and should be completed by November 2012.

Latest CAD Technology At Lietzke Doors

Group company Lietzke Doors is using Solidworks CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) and solid modelling which represents the latest technology in 3D (three dimensional) design.

Lietzke uses this technology at all stages in our business from sales through to development of concepts and into production.  “The use of this technology has enabled us to work more closely and cooperatively with our clients, improve the designs and reduce the development and lead time in the factory” Craig Manuell, General Manager, Lietzke Doors.