Aluminium Shutter Doors In The Work Truck Market

Diamond Roll Up Door, Inc. has received a purchase order to start providing aluminum shutter doors for basic utility bodies used on numerous different types of work trucks in the USA. The body manufacturer currently makes several different types of vehicle bodies out of aluminum. They are going to start manufacturing aluminum utility bodies and plan on using only aluminum shutter doors, no swing doors.

Aluminum shutter doors are used on nearly 80% of the compartments found on fire and emergency vehicles because the manufacturers have determined that it is less expensive, easier to manufacture, easier to access vehicle compartments, and most of all safer for the end user.

With the work truck industry trying to reduce weights and make vehicles safer, the aluminum shutter doors make the most sense.
The work truck market dwarfs the fire and emergency market in the USA. Once the aluminum shutter doors prove themselves in the work truck market, the opportunities should be endless. Diamond’s Dover brand shutters are the leader in the USA work truck market and will prove to be a great all around solution for compartment access in the future.

The pictured display shows on side of a basic utility body.

More Doors on Trailers

Diamond Roll Up Door, Inc. has supplied the 7.5mm composite doors to another pull behind trailer manufacturer. While it is more common to see swing or ramp doors on pull behind trailers, manufacturers are beginning to see advantages to roll up doors.

Roll up doors provide easy access in confined spaces, are better in windy environments, and are easy and more economical to install. If a ramp is not needed to access the trailer, roll up doors are the most realistic solution.

Several pull behind trailer manufacturers have recently started using roll up doors. Diamond has provided the 7.5mm composite door, the aluminum air cargo door, and the coiling 2EB rolling shutter doors. Having several different products, Diamond is able to provide the best solution to the customer.

Kentucky Trailer

Group company Diamond Roll-Up Door is close to half way complete on a large order for Kentucky Trailer.

The doors are supplied for semi-trailers for a large parcel freight company. The trailer run occurs once a year, generally in the June to August time period.

This year’s Diamond order was for 1550 doors. Past years orders have been 300, 800, and 1250. Diamond’s new addition (11,600 square feet) has provided the additional production space to complete this order. The order starts delivering August 2nd and goes to September 15th.


IDA Expo Atlanta

Diamond Roll Up Door, Inc. finished up their exhibiting at the International Door Association (IDA) Expo in Atlanta, Georgia last week. Diamond showed their vehicle roll up doors to the dealer members and associates that work on most any door that that has a spring, mainly garage doors and rolling architectural door. Diamond’s message to the dealers was that they can expand their businesses by doing repairs on trucks/vehicles that have roll up doors. The roll up doors on semi-trailers and box trucks are virtually the same as a residential garage door. There are also a growing number of aluminum shutter doors on vehicles (Fire and Emergency Vehicles and Construction Vehicles) which also need repairs and maintenance.
Diamond displayed at the IDA Expo two years ago and had a great response from the dealers. The dealers were able to get doors and part quickly from Diamond. The teaming up of Diamond and specific dealers has been a benefit to both. The dealers can get the parts easily and quickly, and Diamond can use the dealers if an enquiry is made in a specific region of the country.
Diamond was also able to display some of their architectural products, such as counter shutters and larger rolling shutter doors. This too can add to a dealer’s business opportunities.

Diamond Exhibits at Work Truck Show

Group Company – Diamond Roll Up Door finishes the annual Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Work Truck Show is North America’s largest work truck event. At the show you will see the newest industry products, meet the industry’s leading work truck manufacturers, and have fleet designer inquiring about your products.

Diamond was busy throughout the show answering questions at the booth and meeting with manufacturers that are interested in using roll up doors on their vehicles.


Trailer Roll Up Doors

Group company – Diamond Roll Up Door, Inc. has started providing several different products to the pull behind trailer market. Even though Diamond has sold to this market in the past it is just one of the new markets we are getting good response now for our product.

There many opportunities for roll up doors, both overhead and coiling, in the pull behind trailer market. Rear roll up doors can be either the panel composite door or the aluminum coiling shutter door. Side doors, like concession type trailers, are best to be the coiling shutter doors.

Roll up doors provide easier access and are safer for the end user. Diamond can design a door, or multiple doors, to fit your needs. Our engineers are working with 3D SolidWorks which allows us to draw the door in your compartment and de-conflict other doors or obsticles.

Construction Progressing Through the Winter Months at Diamond Roll Up Doors

The foundation is complete and steel erection is progressing on Diamond Roll Up Door’s new 11,000 square foot (1075 square meter) addition.

While construction during the winter months in Ohio can be a challenge, the new addition is on track to be completed around the beginning of April. The new area will be used for warehousing, shipping, and receiving.

Cabinets, Cabinets, and more Cabinets

Group company Diamond Roll-Up Doors recently finished (800) door and (130) door orders for point of purchase display units for Pan Oston.

The units are used by a large retail chain for displaying product in their stores.

The design of the door was simplified to reduce cost and installation times. The use of the roll up door can actually reduce overall cost of the cabinet (quick installation and simple design), reduce space requirements for the display (no swing-out doors), and ensure security of the contents when not in use.
There are many uses for roll up shutter doors in many different industries. Please contact Diamond Roll Up Door Inc. at 419 294 3373 and we will help design the roll up door to fit your needs. We also have local cabinet manufactures should you require both the cabinet and the roll up door.

Construction Underway At Diamond Roll Up Doors

Group company – Diamond Roll Up Door, Inc. has started an 11,000 square foot (1075 square meter) addition to their existing building. The new space will be used for warehousing, shipping, and receiving. The addition will include two new loading docks.

The existing space will be freed up and converted to more production space. The additional production space is needed for the large run projects Diamond has been running. There has been a large run during the June period for UPS Air Cargo trailers with Kentucky Trailer Manufacturing (1150 doors), a recent order for container doors going to the United States Marine Corps (150 doors), and Diamond is currently running an order for point of purchase displays for a large retail chain (800 doors).

Exciting times for Diamond Roll Up Doors.

Working Towards A Solution

Two Ohio companies have worked together to come up with a safer, more efficient, and lighter weight solution to the large swing doors found on the new cargo vans. While this concept is not new to the Global market, it is new to the United States. Europe has incorporated this solution onto some of their cargo vans which have to operate in severely confined spaces of metropolitan areas. With the increased congestion in metropolitan areas of United State and on jobsites where space is always limited, a solution like this will prove to increase efficiency of the vehicle while being safer for the vehicle operator. This system also weighs less than the large heavy swing doors by almost 60 pounds which can also increase vehicle payload.
Buckeye Body and Equipment, with assistance from Diamond Roll Up Door, Inc. (under Dover Roller Shutter brand name), has put together for a package to convert the heavy swing doors on the rear of the new Ford Transit Cargo Vans to a rear roll up door. The roll up door package consists of removal of the factory rear doors, installation of the aluminum frame, and installation of the aluminum shutter door. There are no structural or design modifications required to the body. The aluminum frame mounts to the body and the roll up door is installed to the new frame. An electronic locking system has been incorporated for security and ease of access. AXCESS Shutter Door System, produced by Buckeye Body and Equipment is now available for the Ford Transit Cargo Van.
The AXCESS Shutter Door System can be purchased from and installed by Buckeye Body and Equipment. The conversion frame kit is engineered to maximize the van’s existing geometry to ensure the widest, tallest opening possible. The conversion kit is constructed of .120 aluminum laser cut and CNC formed panels to control quality and consistency of the parts. All surfaces are acid washed, and powder coated by computer control providing a durable, high gloss finish.
The aluminum shutter door is produced by Diamond Roll Up Door, Inc. under the Dover Roller Shutters brand name. It is a coiling aluminum slat door, powder coated white to match the Ford Transit Cargo Van. The roll up door provides a better solution for confined spaces by just coiling inside the vehicle and does not require the swing doors to be swung to the side of the vehicle into traffic and sometime windy environment. An electronic lock is designed into the door providing a two point locking system that requires a key fob to unlock. This locking system is more secure than the normal keyed lock because it is not accessible from the outside. The aluminum shutter door also has seals on all four sides and has independent seals between each slat. The door rolls around an enclosed spring which is designed to open and close over 100,000 cycles. The roll up door is provided as part of the entire kit.

The AXCESS Shutter Door System provides many advantages over the swing doors. Some include:
 Eliminates potential for very expensive door damage due to wind and backup collisions.
 Improves efficiencies of high cycle delivery services.
 Improves operator safety by not having swing doors open in high traffic areas.
 Electronic latches can be integrated in vehicle lock/unlock circuit.
 Low maintenance, high cycle hardware.
 Entire kit is 60 pounds lighter than factory swing doors.
 Opening size is 51” wide x 72” high.
 Integral weather shield with recessed LED load area lighting.
 Allows for installation of inexpensive lift gates vs. very expensive lift gates currently used with the factory swing doors.
The conversion from factory swing doors to the AXCESS Shutter Door System is simple and requires about 6 hours. The installation process begins with the complete removal of the OEM swing open doors, hardware, and electrical harness connecting the doors to the van structure. Next, drill fixtures are placed to predetermined fixed locations to provide absolute placement of the attachment fasteners in the van structure. Holes are drilled and permanent threaded fasteners are installed. A perimeter seal is installed to the van’s structure as well as a bonding / sealing compound providing a dual seal to keep weather and dust out of the cargo area. The conversion system is then installed using all stainless steel and aluminum fasteners. All electrical support circuits are automotive grade with OEM style harness connectors and prewired to a specific color-coding to ensure consistency. Once the conversion system is installed the roll up door and all supporting hardware is installed, aligned, and tested.
The new AXCESS Shutter Door System provides an innovative solution to the factory swing doors on the Ford Transit Cargo Van. The system can be installed quickly and provides efficient, easier, and safer access to the Cargo area from the rear of the vehicle. Upfit your vehicle and enjoy the benefits of this innovative solution.
Ray Van Gunten is President of Diamond Roll Up Door, Inc. and Dover Roller Shutters. The two divisions of Diamond provide numerous roll up door solutions to the transportation industry. Diamond has worked with Jeff Massey of Buckeye Body and Equipment on the design of the AXCESS Shutter Door System. Ray can be reached at and Jeff can be reached at

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