Mirage Doors Completes new Yatala Warehouse

Group company Mirage doors has recently completed the supply and installation of 54 roller shutters to the new Cope Sensitive Freight  warehouse in Yatala on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

Working with the builder CIP constructions, the doors were manufactured with very little lead time, delivering on the client’s deadline.

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Garage door Transformation at Coogee

Group company Austral Monsoon Door Services recently completed the supply and installation of an Austral Monsoon E85 “Panorama” roller shutter at a private residence in the beach side suburb of Coogee.

Working with AB and P Constructions, the transformation was remarkable, going from two old domestic roller doors to a full width commercial grade shutter.

This high end roller shutter was supplied with a whisper quite Gfa motor and matching safety “light curtain”. The light curtain provides significantly greater obstruction detection compared with traditional PE beams, thereby providing added safety.

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Porsche Doncaster Showroom Opens


Further to our earlier post, Porsche Doncaster has now opened their state of the art dealer facility in the Melbourne suburb of Doncaster.

After posting record sales last year of 2813 new registrations through its 12-dealer network, the German sportscar brand has expanded its retail presence with “strategic openings” in Doncaster in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs – to be run by the Preston Motors Group.

The Doncaster dealership has joined Porsche Centre Brighton, also owned by Preston Motors Group, and the Porsche Centre Melbourne in Collingwood.

Group company Ansa Doors has supplied and installed a range of robust and reliable Bi-folding doors and Roller Shutters for the new Doncaster facility. The AB100 series Bi-folding doors are clad with fully glazed panels and are located in the dealerships new car delivery area.

Having previously supplied door solutions for multiple other Preston Motor Group dealerships, including the Mitsubishi dealership in Somerton and the Ford dealership in Oakleigh, Ansa Doors was the logical choice for door supply with a guaranteed supply and service history.

Preston Motors Group is one of the largest automotive retailers in Victoria, having been in business for more than 100 years.

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Ansa Doors Engineered Truck Shutters

Group company Ansa Doors recently re-furbished a truck for a customer with special requirements for their ever growing business.

All Road Transport approached Ansa Doors to help find a solution for their range of delivery trucks. The truck bodies were originally supplied with swing type doors which presented issues with swinging clearances at their customers pick up points.

Ansa Doors designed, supplied and installed their range of heavy duty 50mm steel truck rolling shutters which resolved the existing door issues.

Ansa Doors prides itself on engineering a working solution for any particular door application.

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Series 2000 Counterweight Door for St Columba’s Catholic School

Group company Mirage Doors have recently completed the supply and installation of a Series 2000 counterweight door for St Columba’s Catholic School in the inner Western Sydney suburb of Leichhardt.

The S2000 counter weight door features an offset folding leaf. This particular door was designed with 75% of the external leaf swinging outwards and 25% swinging inwards. The design can be modified to suit specific client or building requirements.

With the frame finished in a Dulux Anotec XT Mid Bronze Powder coat and full glazing, the S2000 will be a feature in the new school hall building.


Mirage Doors Dominates Eastland Shopping Centre Refurbishment

Group company Mirage Doors has recently been involved in the $655 million redevelopment of Eastland Shopping Centre in the Melbourne suburb of Ringwood. The project has increased the size of Eastland by 55 per cent, up to 131,000 square metres. The number of shops has increased by 120 to a total of 350.

Japanese store Uniqlo, Swedish retailer H&M and Gorman were just some of the retailers new to the centre.

Mirage Doors were instrumental in providing at least 50% of the shopfront doors in the centre.

With a deadline of 29 October, most of the doors required detail, manufacture and installation within 3 weeks.

The final stage is ongoing and expected to open in June 2016.

High Security Door Leaves for Margaret Tobin Centre at Flinders Medical Centre

Due to policy changes regarding the observation of patients at the Margaret Tobin Centre in Adelaide’s South the building’s existing door leaves were deemed unsuitable.

Group company Lietzke Australia, having a wealth of experience in manufacturing and designing high security doors, was called upon to develop a door suitable for the new observation requirements of patients in a Seclusion Room setup.

The door leaves, which are over 1200mm wide had to include an uninterrupted, large viewing area, integrated pass through hatch, be flush with the walls so as meet anti-harm requirements on the patient side, be light and easy to operate for the staff, all whilst maintaining a high security level.

The final door leaf design incorporates the following:

  • Steel sub-frames to support all features on the door
  • A composite ply and balsa blockboard core filler
  • F17 stress grade Hoop Pine ply lockblocks
  • Welded steel hinge support integral into the sub-frame
  • Welded double pan 2mm galvanised steel cladding
  • 12.7mm Lexan MR10 Marguard glazed vision panel with 2mm pressed stainless steel glazing bea

The door leaves were installed to existing door frames which were modified with additional lock strike strengthening plates.

Lietzke Seclusion Room Door leaf

Lietzke Adjustable Door Frames – Ideal for Precast and Masonry Openings

Group company Lietzke Doors has developed a new adjustable door frame ideal for speedy installation to precast or masonry door openings. The door frame includes sliding capping channels and adjustable jacking screws that wind out, pressing the capping channels tight to the masonry/concrete opening. The jacking screws are then screw fixed with masonry screws to the wall structure fully securing the door frame.

The jacking screws can be wound in or out prior to final fixing to set the door rebate square and true, no matter what the shape of the wall opening is. The wall openings can vary in opening size by 20mm or more and when installed the frame will leave no gaps to the masonry and not affect the door leaf size, making them ideal for use with standard size door leaves. The holes to access the jacking screws are hidden in the door rebate and capped with plastic caps. The location of these points are therefore not only hidden from sight but also tamper proof.

This ingenious door frame not only makes fitting door frames to irregular openings easy, but also the speed of install makes them overall very cost effective.

Frames are available powder coated, prime painted or raw and come complete with jacking feet, masonry anchor screws and frame hole plugs.

Lietzke Fast Fix Frame - Lock Lietzke Fast Fix Frame


Lietzke Cyclone Door Unit Passes Cyclone Region D Impact Testing with Ease

Lietzke Doors, Australia’s premier manufacturer of portable switchroom door units, was recently asked to provide door units for buildings heading to the South Hedland Power Station project, located in the north west of Western Australia. The Cyclone Rating for this location is Region D with the terrain rating Category 2 which indicated the doors needed to withstand the highest wind and impact rating on the Australian Mainland.

Lietzke already manufactures certified wind rated door units for this region but now has passed the impact tested option as well. The door units were tested at Azuma Testings NATA certified lab with an impact test speed of 44 metres per second. The door design passed with flying colours.

Lietzke is now in the manufacture and delivery phase of 31 specialised door units to Mayfield Industries, manufacturer of the switchroom buildings for the project.