January 2017 was a remarkable and successful month for IDE in terms of its Accreditations.

Following an intensive 2 day Audit, IDE was awarded the Loss Prevention Certification Board Quality Management System Assessment which will now stay in place for the next 3 years. This prestigious qualification is generally regarded as the highest level of Management System Assessment within the Industrial Door Industry.

Closely following this achievement was the successful renewal of the Altius CDM Vendor Award and the Altius Assured Vendor Award. Altius is the Approval Body that is recognised by many of IDE’s blue-chip customers such as Airbus and Morrison’s Supermarkets, and only Companies with this award will be considered appropriately qualified to work for these Companies.

Finally, IDE passed its annual reassessment for CHAS (Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme), the Scheme recognised by all of the UK’s leading Building Contractors in regard to Contractors considered to be appropriately qualified to work on construction sites.

Well done to Lynn Robinson, the IDE Health & Safety and Quality Manager who was instrumental in IDE achieving the above awards.

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